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Did you know that according to published statistics by the American Veterinarian Medical Association, Maddie’s Fund and even the Humane Society of the United States, we have approximately 23 million homes across the United States welcoming a new pet into their home each year? In the Maddie’s Fund research, we learn that approximately 17 million of these homes are what they call ‘swing-voters’ and can be convinced to adopt their next pet. Here in the United States, we are killing approximately 4 million healthy and treatable companion animals in our shelters. If we do the math, we see we do not have a pet overpopulation problem; we have what many progressive animal welfare leaders across America are increasingly calling a ‘market share problem’. When 71% of America now believes it is inhumane to kill healthy and treatable shelter pets, what can animal lovers and the animal welfare community do to best respond to the need to both save more lives of companion animals and also satisfy the desire of the majority of donors and tax-payers who are funding our animal welfare systems?

For those communities not currently saving 90% – 97% of their community’s lost and homeless pets, we are most fortunate to have 35 communities (and that number seems to be growing almost weekly) across America who have attained and maintained that level of animal welfare success for their communities.

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