Purris Hilton Seeks Calm Quiet One Cat Fovever Home – Northbrook, IL Patch

From Heartland Animal Shelter, Northbrook, IL:

Purris Hilton is an engaging 5-year-old shiny black feline and just like any movie star, looks all dressed up with the stunning diamond of white on her chest. Purris’s former owner surrendered her to Heartland because of family issues. Purris prefers being with people and would be happiest in a quiet home where she could be the only cat, but probably wouldn’t mind living with another cat. Purris is affectionate on her own terms. She’s very discerning and really perks up when she sees her favorite people. Once you become her buddy, she’ll run over to welcome you every time you visit. She likes to rub her body around your ankles and will even stand up on her hind legs to show off for you. With a name like Purris, of course you know this little lady loves to purr loudly; pet her and she’ll roll over and let you rub her tummy! Scratch boards and string toys are among Purris’s favorite things. For pleasure, she loves to be brushed and will occasionally try to grab the brush and use it on her face. She’s interested in all the activity around her and enjoys the opportunity to watch the birds at the feeder. Purris likes having a clean cage. She’s known to encourage the volunteers to work faster to get her cage just right!

Purris was recently diagnosed with diabetes. For now, she resides in our kitten room. She’s on a strict diet and medical plan and takes her insulin twice a day without any complaints. She’s a good patient, is doing well, looks good, and she’d love to have a visit from you. She’s a great kitty who deserves the best!

Adoption Information- Heartland’s cat adoption fee of $100 includes up-to-date vaccinations, spay/neuter, deworming, FIV/Feline Lekeumia test, and a microchip. Kitten adoption fees are slightly higher and reduced rates are often offered for special needs cats.

Heartland Animal Shelter, at 2975 Milwaukee Avenue in Northbrook, is open from 4-7 p.m. on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and 12-4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. More animals available for adoption can be found at www.heartlandanimalshelter.net.

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