Gimme Shelter: We provide second chances at new beginnings

Adoption is such a feel good way to become a pet owner. Visit the shelter or the Cat Adoption Centre, or browse our website to find the right pet for your lifestyle. Every year the NFHS finds homes for hundreds of animals who need to be re-homed for various reasons.

By making the shelter your adoption option you are helping to ensure that deserving animals find new homes and have the safe, happy life they each deserve. So many of the animals that come into our care have been surrendered by their previous guardians for different reasons, but deserve a second chance at a new beginning. The animals who have been abandoned can sometimes be more of a challenge since no history is known.

All homeless animals are completely vulnerable, dependent upon our help, and all are entitled to a peaceful, safe and loving forever home.

If you are hoping to find the perfect animal for your family, we can help. We have the resources to help you decide which animal might be the best fit for your situation. We will provide you with as much information and support as possible about the animal you choose. Make an informed, responsible decision about pet adoption. Remember adoption is a great joy but a serious commitment. Your new pet is completely dependent on you for his or her health and happiness.

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