5 Things to Know Before You Adopt – Petside

Maybe you’ve just got the puppy itch, or maybe a pair of sad puppy dog eyes has already stolen your heart. Stop! Not so fast!!

Shelters are so full in part because too many people get puppies on impulse, or don’t think through the long-term responsibilities that owning a dog entails. Shelters want to make sure when they send a puppy home with you, he or she is going to be there forever. So don’t be surprised if more is involved in pet adoption than simply going to the kennel and taking a new pet home. Here are some things to you should know before you adopt a pet!

Pet Adoption is a Process

Just as with adopting a child, many shelters will require home checks and other personal information about you. The type of shelter will often influence how involved the adoption process is.

Before You Adopt a Pet: Consider Shelter Types

Open access shelters and “pounds” owned by the city or county tend to have the least stringent rules. You may be able to go there, pick out a dog on a first-come, first-served basis, pay a small fee–maybe $40 to $75–and take him home that same day.

Humane societies and no-kill shelters may require more. You may be able to pick out a dog, but you’ll probably have to supply more information about your housing, and you may have to wait a day or two before you can bring him home. You will usually pay a slightly higher fee, maybe $60 to $125.

Rescue or foster groups are often aimed at only one breed. Their dogs live

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