Seniors For Seniors Cat Adoption – North Country Gazette

As we grow older, companionship becomes more important than ever. This is true not just for humans, but for animals as well.

Cats that end up in shelters have often lost both their human and feline friends. They can become depressed and withdrawn, not unlike people who grieve the loss of dear family and friends.

Cats long for companionship; and are ever so grateful when they find it.

The North Country SPCA in Westport, Essex County, is introducing a new program, Seniors for Seniors, that will help both cats and people find the friendship they crave.

The program is available to adults aged 60 or older who would like to be matched with one of the shelter’s eligible cats, selected by North Country SPCA’s knowledgeable staff. The cats in the program are aged 3 or older; or have been in the shelter more than a year; or are shy or withdrawn in a shelter setting.

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