CODE RED: Immediate Home Needed for Pregnant Young Female Cat – Greer, SC

HELPThis adorable black-and-white cat has been hanging around a business in Greer, SC. They let her inside sometimes, but unfortunately she got pregnant before anyone could get her spayed. I’m trying to find a caring person in that area to take her before she gives birth. I would hope that whoever takes her would keep the mother and try to get the kittens good homes. Too often the mother cat is discarded in situations like this…the best people are always as concerned about adult strays. This cat is also very friendly and would make a wonderful pet. If you are interested please email me at and introduce yourself. (If you send your phone number, I’ll call ASAP). Thanks for caring. You can also call me at (864) 654-8170 [landline, so no texting, just leave message on voice mail]. This is URGENT. If I don’t find someone fast, they are going to have to bring her to the pound, where she will be euthanized. It’s their only option because this office is moving to another city and none of the 4 employees there can take her (allergies and large dogs at home).

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