Mature pets matched with seniors in new low-cost program – CBC News

Older cats and dogs will be matched with older Calgarians in a new pet adoption scheme being launched by the city.

The “seniors for seniors” program will let people aged 60 or more adopt a pet aged seven and up from the city’s Animal Services shelter at a reduced cost, officials said.

“Not only does adoption give a deserving animal a much needed home, the adopter can benefit from reduced loneliness and increased opportunities for exercise, socialization and companionship,” said Bill Bruce, the director of Animal and Bylaw Services.

Older animals are less popular for adoption because people assume they will need extra care. But since they are usually house-trained and less energetic, they can make great companions for less mobile owners, the city said in a release.

The program’s 60-per cent discount brings the cost to $60 to adopt a cat and $80 for a dog. That includes a vet check, vaccinations, spay or neuter surgery, a microchip, a six-month city licence and a bag of food.

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