County Shelters Discount Senior Pet Adoption – Altadena, CA Patch

Los Angeles County animal shelters are offering discounted adoption fees for all pets five years or older in May as part of a program called “Super Seniors.”

The closest shelter to Altadena is Baldwin Park, which is the facility that stray or lost animals from Altadena are brought to if reported to the county.

The purpose of the promotion is to encourage residents to adopt older pets who often have a harder time finding a home than young animals.

The program press release describes the benefits of senior animals:

Senior animals make wonderful companion pets and are the prime choice for individuals who do not want the responsibility of training and raising a puppy. Senior pets are also usually more adaptable and integrate well into a new environment. Senior pets are often house trained, have good manners, and have picked up basic lessons and commands, since most of them have lived with a family.

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