Dogs Get 2nd Chance at Camp Bow Wow Pet Fundraiser – Bloomingdale-Riverview, FL Patch

The 3 1/2-year-old dog owned by Father Tracy Wilder, rector of St. John the Divine Episcopal Church in Ruskin, had been lonely since her canine companion was hit and killed by a car.

So Wilder brought her to the Camp Bow Wow Tampa South Shore’s first Find Love on a Leash dog adoption event and rescue group fundraiser.

It didn’t take Rachel long to make her choice. She encountered Lulu, a pit bull/lab mix at the Heidi’s Legacy Dog Rescue booth, and wagged her tail in approval.

“They seem to get along and are about the same size and age,” said Wilder, “so we decided to adopt Lulu. They can play together and keep each other company when we’re not home.”

Lulu wasn’t the only dog that went home with new owners following the April 28 event at 12218 Balm-Riverview Rd., Riverview.

JuJue, a German shepherd puppy featured on Bloomingdale-Riverview Patch April 23, and her mother, Lyndy, were both adopted by Matthew Gross. The two dogs had been found abandoned in the Everglades and Heidi’s Legacy founder Lori Hoffman brought them to her shelter in Lithia.

“We pull a lot of dogs out of the Everglades,” said Hoffman. “At least 300 dogs are dumped there every year.”

“I’d been looking for a German shepherd for about three months,” said Gross. “Now I have two. I couldn’t split them up.”

Mark Demshock traveled all the way from New Port Richey in the hopes of finding Renton, an affable young pit bull, a new home.

Renton had been scheduled to be euthanized when Demshock, a volunteer with Second Chance Boxer Rescue, rescued him. Now Demshock wants to place him in a loving home. He even started a Facebook page for Renton to generate interest.

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