Break cats free from the shelter for $30 in May –

During the month of May, targeted cats at the CCSPCA will be available for adoption for only $30! In our country, anyone accused of a crime is considered “innocent until proven guilty.”

Unfortunately, this is not the case for the millions of homeless animals in our country. Every day, hundreds of animals are imprisoned in animal shelters. These animals do not receive the luxury of a trial, probation is not an option, and they have no idea how long their sentence is or what awaits them at the end of their time. Worst of all, the only crime these animals have committed is the crime of being homeless.

Life in the animal shelter is actually very comparable to life in prison. At Cumberland County SPCA, we strive to give our animals the best care possible, including plenty of good food, medical care, and enrichment; but they are still behind bars and there is still confinement and there is still a great deal of loneliness and heartache for the animals.

To make matters worse, now juvenile delinquents (also known as kittens) are flooding the shelter, taking up space and stealing adopters from our adult cats! To be fair, the kittens are just as much in need of a good adoption intervention as our adult cats. However, we have some adults that are seriously in need of some redemption, so throughout the month of May we are having a “Post My Bail” adoption special for targeted adult cats that urgently need to be adopted. You can come to the shelter and post $30 bail for one of these cats and spring them from prison and save their life! Once your application is approved (maybe it already is!) they are ready to go! No red tape, no bureaucracy, no bail hearings — just get out the door and go home!

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