This pretty kitty is looking to retire on your lap –

From San Luis Obispo County Animal Shelter, CA:

‘Retirement planning is not something pets do well. They assume what life is like today will repeat itself for all the tomorrows to come.

“Given that mindset, it undoubtedly comes as a shock to most pets when they find themselves at the San Luis Obispo County Animal Services Shelter. This is especially true for senior dogs and cats.

“Thomasina has all the earmarks of an experienced lap cat. If she had a résumé, it would probably read something like this:

“‘Fourteen years of experience as a woman’s companion cat. Able to sit on a lap for extended periods of time; comfortable giving and getting attention as well as having excellent abilities in throw-pillow impersonation and windowsill enhancement.’

“Thomasina is a specialist. She’s focused her companion animal efforts on women. Due to her years of service, she’s looking for a home where she can continue to be a woman’s companion cat, ideally where she’s the only feline in the household.

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