Microchips reunite precious pets with their familes

Autumn Krauss is smiling with joy because her beloved Portland is enjoying their new home in Denver. Nine months ago, she thought she’d never see him. Adopted from the Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood in 2005, Portland, a big Maine Coon, was micro-chipped prior to going home with the Krauss family.

A microchip is an identifying integrated circuit placed under the skin generally near the shoulder blades. Chips are about the size of a large grain of rice and use passive radio frequency identification technology. When scanned, the chip number appears, and the number is linked to the owner’s information.

The key is keeping your information up to date with the chip registry. This is a lesson Autumn learned. Formerly residents of the Concordia neighborhood in Northeast Portland, after nine months abroad for work, her family settled in Denver. Portland was to live with a friend in Vancouver until they returned to the U.S. Portland had different ideas and escaped after two weeks. Despite valiant efforts by her husband (while in Australia) to track him down, Portland seemed to have disappeared.

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