Hunger Games Star Josh Hutcherson Adopts Pit Bull Puppy – Petside

Ardent fans of the popular book series and its film adaptation, The Hunger Games, know Josh Hutcherson best as Peeta Mellark, the baker’s son who competes in the Hunger Games aside the series’ main protagonist, Katniss Everdeen. But animal lovers who may not know Hutcherson for his film role will now know him as the newest celebrity to adopt a rescue dog.

Yesterday, PeoplePets reported that the 19-year-old film star adopted a blue pit bull puppy he’s named Driver. The two were connected after L.A. rescue group Hands Paws Hearts pulled Driver, who had been dropped off as a stray, from a municipal shelter.

The Hunger Games star’s adoption is making waves. By adopting a pit bull pup, Hutcherson, though he may think nothing of it, is taking steps to defray the stereotypes surrounding pit bulls that have resulted from America’s ever-growing sense of breedism. Additionally, PeoplePets revealed that Driver is missing two toes, which technically makes him a less adoptable pet, a label that sometimes serves as a barrier to permanent home placement.

Shattering breedism and promoting pet adoption? How can any animal lover say that Hutcherson’s adoption isn’t a win-win?

Originally posted here: Hunger Games Star Josh Hutcherson Adopts Pit Bull Puppy | Petside.