Meet Bunny & friends, then think pet adoption –

Bunny, like many of us with imperfections, is making the best of who she is and what she’s got. The sweet-tempered Staffie mix is about six months old, with a whole lifetime ahead of her.

Affectionate Bunny is wonderful with people, including kids. She needs training, but even before that, she needs a loving home. Right now, Bunny lives at the Ewing Animal Shelter, where she’s beginning to show the signs of stress that dogs sometimes experience in shelter situations.

Bunny has just one good eye. When she was brought to the shelter as a stray, her right eye was closed. A visit to an eye specialist indicated the eyeball is non-functional for reasons that could only be guessed at. (Her left eye has slightly impaired vision but should not worsen.)

Bunny is one of the half-dozen or so dogs and 20-some cats and kittens who will be at the Trenton Farmers Market this Saturday, all looking for adoptive families. Members of EASEL Animal Rescue League will bring the animals there from the Ewing Shelter — and they’d like nothing more than to return to the shelter empty-handed.

Bella and Angel are two of the cats who will be available for adoption on Saturday. Each has special reasons for needing a happy home and both respond to the loving touch of caregivers.

Bella, a petite black-fur beauty, is very shy and equally sweet. She was surrendered to the shelter because she was being intimidated by the family’s aggressive cats. Around two years old, Bella’s a sensitive girl and needs gentle handling. When she’s held close, she purrs contentedly.

Angel, a blue-eyed Siamese-Calico mix nearly two years old, was close to death from starvation when she came to the shelter. She was nursed and loved back to full health, and now she’s ready to move to her forever home. She actively seeks attention and petting, and like Bella, will thrive in a gentle environment.

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