Porter County Animal Shelter Announces “Amazing April Cat Craze” Adoption Promotion

The Porter County Animal Shelter has announced it’s Amazing April Cat Craze special cat adoption program to find forever homes for homeless cats the Shelter.

“Spring time always brings an influx of stray cats into the Shelter,” explained Shelter Director Jon Thomas. “We want to proactively work to keep the cat population at the Shelter down. This is our most aggressive cat adoption promotion ever, and any of these cats would make wonderful pets,” said Thomas, adding that most of the qualifying cats have been housed at the Shelter for less than two months. “We are drastically reducing the adoption fees to only $10, $15 and $20 so that we can place these great cats where they belong…in a loving home.”

Here is how the adoption promotion works. We are offering FORTY FIVE cats at reduced adoption fees of $10, $15, or $20….and three of them are NO FEE! Plus, for each of the 20 cats that have been at the Shelter the longest, we are also adding a $10 Pet Supplies Gift Card to the adopting family! The promotion runs through April 30 ONLY! Cats that qualify for the program will have a special “Amazing April Cat Craze” notice on their cages that lists the the adoption fee they qualify for, and whether a $10 Pet Supplies Plus gift card is included.

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