Fostering: For the love of cats –

In the world of animal rescue and pet adoption, they are the unsung heroes, those willing to open their homes to animals in need, helping care for a rescue until the animal can be claimed by new owners and transferred to a permanent home.

They are foster-care providers and in Nevada County, they are integral to keeping the number of animals euthanized to an extremely low percentage of the total who wind up at the local animal shelter.

Sisters Julie Doty and Jackie Granzilla are two of the county’s most ardent animal foster parents, their specialization is caring for cats. They first became involved with an animal shelter when the pair was living in Los Angeles 16 years ago.

“I went in to help at a shelter in L.A. and eventually ended up taking a litter of kittens home because they were cute and too little to be adopted,” Julie said. “And it’s progressed from there.”

Through the years, the pair says they have honed their talent for caring for felines in trouble.

“We’ve developed some pretty good skills,” Jackie said. “We specialize in eye problems with kittens and foster some adult cats also.”

In 2000, the sisters decided to bring their love of cats north, making Nevada County their home.

“I had a son that was living here and we fell in love with the area,” Jackie said. “When mom died, we decided we really wanted to be in the country, so we came up here.”

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