Sweet Cat Andy Needs an Owner to Care for Him – North Hills, PA Patch

From Animal Friends, Ohio Twp, PA:

Andy is a beautiful cat, but his past wasn’t pretty. In his former home, he was allowed to be an indoor/outdoor cat. Going outside is very dangerous for cats; they can be hit by cars, attacked by other animals and exposed to parasites and diseases.

On one of Andy’s trips outside, he contracted a disease known as Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). FIV is similar to HIV in humans; however, there is no such thing as kitty AIDS! FIV weakens the cat’s immune system which makes them more susceptible to illness. FIV+ cats can live long, healthy and happy lives, but they do need more frequent trips to the vet. FIV is contagious to other cats, so he will need to go to a home where he is the only cat or where other FIV+ cats reside.

Our sweet Andy acts just like any other cat: he loves to play with feather toys, be groomed, and rest on someone’s lap after a long day. He does great with children, and he would get along with dogs that are calm and cat-friendly.

This loving boy has been waiting for his true forever home for so long. Sadly, FIV+ cats tend to be our most overlooked residents. Could you open your heart and home to this wonderful cat?

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