Doggie in the window: $99 – Winnipeg Free Press

Just two hours in, one happy border collie was headed to a new home from the city’s adopt-a-dog sale.

Carol Ritchie and her husband Randy went to Animal Services on Logan Avenue on Wednesday morning to find her nephew a dog for his birthday.

“We’ve already adopted a dog from here and named him Logan McPhillips,” said Ritchie, who admitted she wanted to keep her new friend, Sharona, to herself.

Ritchie was surprised when she found out Sharona was only going to cost $99, and would come spayed, vaccinated, with a micro-chip, food and pet health insurance.

“We didn’t even know there was a sale today,” she said.

The city holds the dog adoption events to alleviate the overflow of strays.

“All these dogs have a previous owner,” said Leland Gordon, chief operating officer for Animal Services. All 41 dogs up for adoption have spent more than five days waiting to be claimed. Animal Services can’t alert or return them to owners as the dogs are either not licensed, or aren’t wearing one.

“The law is any dog over the age of six months must be licensed,” said Gordon, who points out the standard stray in the pound has no tag and is usually not fixed.

The licensing law has been around for more than 100 years and, last September, a zero-tolerance policy came into effect. Owners of unlicensed dogs found by Animal Services are automatically fined $250, in addition to impound and boarding fees.

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