Spring Adoption Event At Orange County Shelter – Chapelboro.com

From now through April 14, Orange County Animal Services is drastically reducing adoption fees for cats and dogs as part of its first-ever Spring Adoption Event.

“We have dog adoption fees reduced to $60 and cat adoption fees reduced to $50,” says Animal Shelter manager Jess Allison. “Ordinarily dogs are $115 and cats are $95, so right now is a great time if someone’s interested in adopting…so I hope we see a lot of folks come down and a lot of pets get good homes.”

Animal Services began holding special adoption events last year, with “Cat Adoption Month” in June; since then, they’ve held “Dog Adoption Month” in October and a pair of successful holiday-themed events in December and February. But Allison says springtime is particularly important for the shelter.

“During the springtime, typically we start seeing a lot of kittens coming into the shelter, and a lot of puppies,” she says. “So we want to go ahead and try to get those animals adopted as quickly as possible.”

All animals adopted from the shelter come fully vaccinated, vet checked, and spayed or neutered.

If you’re interested in adopting, visit Orange County Animal Services at 1601 Eubanks Road in Chapel Hill.

Originally posted here: Spring Adoption Event At Orange County Shelter – Chapelboro.com.