Please Help Daffy from @NoCrybabyDogs Fight A Mystery Illness – from The Daily Barker

Meet Daffy, a spunky 6-year-old Toy Fox/Jack Russell Terrier with a new lease on life, but suffering from a mysterious illness. (The Barkers Dozen is currently holding a fundraiser to help Daffy get the medical care she needs – click here to learn more about how you can help.)

The Barkers Dozen first learned about Daffy on Twitter, when our mascot Bobby Barker (@thedailybarker) met the pup (@nocrybabydogs) and enjoyed her playful tweets.

Daffy was also chosen as a treat taste tester during one of The Barkers Dozen’s contests, and helped make the gluten-free Blueberry Bone-anza flavor become the latest in its lineup of organic dog treats. (The blueberry treats are now Daffy’s favorite from The Barkers Dozen.)

But things weren’t always so bright for Daffy, or her mom Ingrid.

Two years before Ingrid met Daffy, her beloved Dachshund BetsyRoss passed away. From that date forward, she prayed that another dog would be sent her way – one that would be right for Ingrid, and one who would be happy with her as a companion.

One day a colleague at Ingrid’s workplace rescued a dog from a bad situation, and asked if she wanted the dog. “Immediately I said ‘no’. After all, the dog didn’t have big brown eyes and long luxurious fur like I’d been used to,” Ingrid said.

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