Merrimack author writes book about cat’s adoption –

When a beloved pet passes away, it can be as painful as losing a human member of the family. And just as with losing a person, it can be difficult to open your heart again and take the risk of caring for another pet.

Merrimack author Lori Zimmermann took that risk, and she is glad she did. Her first book, “Miles Smiles the Healing Kitty,” chronicles her journey from the point of view of Miles, the cat she adopted from the Animal Rescue League in Bedford.

Bailiff, Zimmermann’s previous cat, succumbed to hyperthyroidism in June 2008. His passing was a significant emotional blow.

“I had Bailiff for 18 years,” Zimmermann said. “He traveled with me. He was with me through such a long part of my life.”

She decided to donate Bailiff’s remaining food and his belongings to the Animal Rescue League, in hopes these items would help other cats who were waiting to find loving homes.

When the moment came to part with Bailiff’s favorite blanket, however, Zimmermann found she could not. His loss was still too fresh, she recalled, and she felt the tears starting to come.

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