Facebook App Helps Homeless Pets Find Homes

PetSmart Charities teamed up with Adopt-a-Pet.com on Facebook application Share a Pic, Save a Pet, which is aimed at boosting awareness of the plight of nearly 8 million homeless pets in the U.S. and promoting adoption.

Share a Pic, Save a Pet allows users to alert Facebook friends about adoptable pets in their communities, basically letting users donate their profiles to the cause for a short time and share pictures of the pets and information on how they can be adopted.

The data on the pets come from Adopt-a-Pet.com’s nationwide shelter database.

Interested users can go to the app, input their ZIP codes, and choose up to 10 adoptable dogs and cats to highlight. Pets are sortable by breed, color, size, and gender. Their Facebook timelines and news feeds will then be populated with the pets’ pictures and information.

PetSmart Charities Executive Director Susana Della Maddalena said:

Share a Pic, Save a Pet is an innovative way to use social media to promote pet adoption locally. Adoption saves lives, and we believe this application will spark pet lovers to spread the word about the thousands of wonderful adoptable pets looking for forever homes — at the click of a button.

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