Animals find new homes at 24-hour pet adoption – WSVN-TV

Animal lovers opened their hearts and their homes during a 24-hour pet adoption event.

Hundreds took their search for a loving companion to Tropical Park in Southwest Miami-Dade for the first ever 24-hour adoption event.

The Human Society of Greater Miami hosted the event, which kicked off on Friday night.

Organizers were pleased with the amount of people who showed up to give an animal a second chance. “We are so happy and so excited with the turnout,” said Laurie Hoffman, of Miami-Dade Humane Society.

“I’m really glad for the people that have adopted a pet,” said one man. “It’s a great outcome. If you haven’t been here, I hope you give a pet a chance,” said Luis Fernandez, who adopted a pet.

Some of the animal up for adoption had come from a long way, many on the brink of death when they were brought to shelters. “He was found down in Homestead by a woman who actually watched him in a dog fight being mauled like crazy,” said Hoffman.

Vets and shelter workers across South Florida made sure the pets were nursed back to health and given a second chance at life. “We go to great lengths to take care of them. All the animals here are spayed and neutered,” said Hoffman.

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