Town Lake waives dog adoption fees – The Daily Texan

Town Lake Animal Center is waiving dog adoption fees in an attempt to encourage adoption and prevent euthanasia.

Thirty dogs were moved from the Austin Animal Center to the Town Lake Animal Center last week because the shelter had filled it’s 278 dog kennels, said Austin Animal Center spokeswoman Patricia Fraga.

Fraga said adoption fees, which usually range from $75 to $150, will be waived until the kennels are cleared to prevent euthanasia of the dogs. All the adopted dogs will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated and will go home with a collar, tag and microchip, Fraga said.

“They are all at risk of euthanasia if not adopted,” Fraga said. “Particularly the older and long-term dogs. We do everything in our power to prevent that and really don’t want it. We get the word out and try to get people to meet the dogs and know their risk.”

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