Humane society anxious to find home for Bo Dog- NiagaraThisWeek Article

Pet adoption requires commitment, love and planning. Your new family member’s wellbeing and happiness are a big responsibility. Your pet is off to a good start because we ensure that each animal has been spayed or neutered, has had a rabies vaccine, is microchipped and has been checked by our vet techs. Six weeks of free pet insurance is also provided. All the shelter dogs have an individualized enrichment program supervised by a professional trainer and implemented by experienced and committed volunteers.

Special little Bo is one of the dogs available for adoption right now. We’d like to see him find a forever home as soon as possible. He’s been at the shelter for quite awhile, so he’s lonely. Bo is an adorable two-year-old terrier mix. He is friendly, energetic and eager to learn. The volunteers enjoy him very much. He plays nicely with toys and gives them up when asked. In just a few training sessions he mastered the sit command and is working hard at learning to heel. Bo is friendly with other dogs and is an affectionate, easygoing little fellow. We are offering a special adoption fee of $50 because Bo does have some medical challenges. He looks and acts like a healthy, happy dog, but he does have a very serious heart murmur, so he will need a vet to evaluate his health and make some decisions about his care. Right now he is on a restricted exercise program just to be safe. He will likely require medication in the future. Bo is very young and full of life. He is a great little dog with so much love to give.

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