Will You Adopt Scotchie the Wonder Cat? – Stoneham, MA Patch

From PAWS Wakefield, Wakefield, MA:

My name is Scotchie and I am an amazing feline with red and white fur and luminous green eyes. Sweet, gentle and playful, I love people. In fact, even though I haven’t met you yet, I already know that I like you.

Call me and I will come running to you for a head scratch and a play session. I love to chase the cat dancer toy and I will chase any string or ball you send my way. Pile up some pennies for me and I will play hockey with them. I must have been a Bruin in another life.

Besides liking people, I am great with other animals. As long as they respect my space, dogs do not faze me at all. I like cats, too, and I know how not to be aggressive if they are just not that into me. I mean, why should I bother when there are so many other interesting things to explore…like the parakeet they have in my foster home. He fascinates me.

Besides being curious and sociable, I am downright cute and cuddly. I like to sleep on my foster mom’s bed at night and, as soon as she stirs in the morning, I climb onto her chest and purr. And, it is not just because I want my breakfast (although I do like to eat). Of course, if you prefer, I can be patient and wait for you to get up.

So that is me, Scotchie the wonder cat. I am everything you could ever want in a young cat and more. So why are you waiting? Call me and let’s get together and talk about my adoption. Better hurry, because I know the minute my story is printed, my phone will be ringing off the hook.

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