A pet’s well being rests with you

All animals are worthy of compassion, kindness, respect and caring. At NFHS, animals who need a second chance, find one. We work daily to create a better, safer life for displaced, homeless, abused and troubled animals.

Having a pet is one of life’s great joys. You can enjoy a vigorous walk or a leisurely stroll , a cozy afternoon nap with a warm purring friend or just enjoy that quiet, unconditional love and companionship that your pet brings to your life.

When you adopt an animal you assume responsibility for all aspects of its life. Adoption requires commitment, love and resources. Your pet’s well being and happiness rest in your hands. We get you started by making sure each animal has been spayed or neutered, has had a rabies vaccine, is microchipped and has been checked by our vet techs. Six weeks of free pet insurance is also provided. All the shelter dogs have an individualized training program supervised by a professional trainer and implemented by experienced and committed volunteers.

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