Humane society claws back cat adoption fees

After the success of a two-day cat adoption last month, the Lincoln County Humane Society is clawing back its fees.

The LCHS announced all cat adoption fees will be $99 for the next year. During a board of director’s meeting in mid-February, the board voted unanimously to cut back the fees, inspired by the success of a two-day adopt-a-thon where 54 cats were adopted in a two-day period.

“The community responded to our calls for help with our cats,” said Kevin Strooband, LCHS executive director. “We are very happy that we are able to find many more forever homes. We are making adoption the first option.”

The staff at the shelter, said Strooband, face “significant challenges” and the work can take an emotional toll on them. They are excited, he said, at the prospect of finding new homes for several cats “that didn’t have the opportunity in the past.” Last month, following the adopt-a-thon, Strooband said that while the LCHS loses money on each adoption, it honours the mission of the LCHS to place the welfare of the animals in the shelter above all else. The fees for spaying or neutering surgery, micro-chipping, vaccines, de-worming and de-fleaing is between $150 and $215 for a cat.

“We’re able to reduce the euthanasia rates, and we feel that is really important,” he told Niagara this Week last month.

Originally posted here: NiagaraThisWeek Article: Humane society claws back cat adoption fees.