Bookstore opens doors to monthly cat adoptions

As owner of The Regulator Bookshop on Ninth Street, Valentine is in the business of selling books. But he also has compassion for cats who need a home, and that’s why he’s opening his store each month for a cat adoption sponsored by the Animal Protection Society of Durham.

“How can you not love a cat that needs a home?” Valentine asked. “We have a lot of cat-loving staff, and the people who wanted to do the adoption are good friends of the store.”

APS volunteers bring their foster cats and some from the shelter to the bookstore once a month. They set up on the couches in the back.

“The cats all seem to be very relaxed, and put on a great show for people shopping in the store,” APS volunteer Gail Scheck, who also is a The Herald-Sun employee, said.

During the most recent adoption event, a cat named Michael walked through the store on a harness and leash, checking out the customers and books, she said.

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