Adorable Little Nemo Dog Is Ready to Come Home and Play

From Dog Adoption and Welfare Group, Santa Barbara, CA:

Nemo is a delightful eight-month-old Terrier/Jack Russel mix. He is happy, confident, alert, curious, friendly, and smart. He has a very playful yet easy-going attitude about life. He’s great with other little dogs. Nemo loves attention and is very friendly with everyone he‘s met so far. He has a calm demeanor and can relax and chill out by himself quite easily and does not seem like much of a barker. This young pup is more or less a white dog with some large black and tan spots. He has tan freckles on his legs. He has a very soft, thick coat that’s speckled with brown and black freckles and a thick tail that looks like it was dipped in white paint that he wags a lot He appears to be house trained. Nemo is a wonderful little dog and would fit nicely into any active loving home. Come in to meet him!

To inquire about adopting a dog, visit DAWG in Santa Barbara. DAWG (Dog Adoption and Welfare Group) is a no-kill not for profit dog rescue/adoption organization located at 5480 Overpass Road, Goleta. For more information, call (805) 681-0561.

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