Brownstown Twp Pet adoption is a success –

Several cats have a new place to consider home after a successful pet adoption event was held recently at the animal shelter.

Marty Bertera, animal control officer, was hoping if the event was more publicized a larger crowd would come out for the affair.

With a little more publicity given, his hope became a reality as the shelter became busy with people inquiring about the animals.

Bertera said once the word starts to get out about the animal shelter and where it is located, he believes it will increase the number of people who make the place an option for getting a pet.

The shelter is at 23700 Lillian, just behind Township Hall.

Four cats were adopted in the latest event. Several cats and a pit bull/Labrador mix still remain.

Bertera wants to find homes for the animals before the weather breaks and the number of stray animals begins to increase.

He anticipates the surge will begin within the next few weeks.

“We know we are going to get more animals in the summer,” Bertera said.

The shelter typically picks up more than just cats and dogs during the year. More exotic animals have been housed at the shelter, as well. Continued…

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