For a nice warm feline take home an older cat – Fairfield Champion

FOSTER carers are needed for those who can provide a little TLC for homeless cats at the Animal Welfare League NSW shelter in Kemps Creek.

There are about 50 cats at the shelter and the majority of them are five years or older.

Fund-raising co-ordinator of the NSW league Maddie Nance said it was harder for older cats to win the hearts of potential carers.

“People usually walk by the older cats and go straight to the kittens,” she said.

Cat co-ordinator Bradley Barnes used to be a dog lover until he met cats like Bonnie.

The 10-year-old cat has been at the shelter for nine weeks.

“People want younger cats and I guess in Bonnie’s case, because she’s a black cat, it’s harder for her to find a home as people are superstitious,” he said.

“But she is so sweet. She’s changed a lot since coming to us after her owner died.

“You could tell that she was grieving, so she was very shy. But she’s now very affectionate, cuddly and a perfect lap cat.”

Though kittens may be smaller and cuter, Mr Barnes says the benefits of older cats are much greater than with kittens.

“They’re well trained, independent and you’ll know what you’re getting because we already know what they’re like,” he said.

As part of the organisation’s adult cat adoption drive, adoption fees are halved until March 18. All animals are desexed, microchipped, health checked and vaccinated.

Details: or 8777 4424.

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