Cats find new homes during ‘Catmania’ in Skokie – Skokie Review

More than a few cats found new homes Sunday during “Catmania,” a cat adoption event sponsored by the Orphans of the Storm animal shelter.

This year’s event, which featured felines of all types of ages and breeds, was hosted by Animal Medical Center in Skokie.

Orphans of the Storm is located in Riverwoods (Deerfield) and takes in, cares for and finds good and loving adoptive homes for thousands of stray and abandoned dogs and cats each year.

Its most popular cat adoption event, Catmania, is held at different locations and offers new feline parents an easy opportunity to add to their family.

Sunday’s event allowed visitors to tour Animal Medical Center, meet the staff and receive coupons and special offers for new clients and adopters. Food was also provided at the event.

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