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According to SNIPSA, not every pooch is right for every person – and vice versa. People need dogs that fit into the family lifestyle. Dogs need a home situation that suits their size, disposition and breed.

A big and energetic dog, for example, might be best for an active, outdoors-oriented family. For more sedentary folks, or perhaps a couple living in a small apartment, a little “lap hound” would be a perfect choice. In other words, compatibility is the key to every successful canine adoption.

Currently, the animal-rescue group has both big dogs and small dogs in foster care – and every one is eager to be a loyal companion. Among the canines available:

Zero: For Zero, a 5-pound Manchester terrier, it has been a hardscrabble life. To begin with, the tiny lap hound was orphaned and left in a cardboard box. Then, thanks to SNIPSA, he found happiness with a nice elderly lady. But she had to go to a care facility and couldn’t take him along, so he scrambled through the fence and ended up at animal control – in New Mexico, no less! Luckily, a microchip put him back in SNIPSA’s hands. And now, after his incredible journey, he’s looking for love again and hopefully a forever home.

Estelle: This big Labrador retriever is a young dog who loves to romp and play. Found on the streets, she was impounded at Castle Hills Animal Control, where she met Betty, a bulldog, and they became best friends. It was hoped by SNIPSA rescuers that the two canines could find a home together, but Betty got an opportunity for a single-dog adoption, leaving Estelle alone and waiting for a similar chance. The Lab gets along well with other dogs, as her friendship with Betty proves, and she will make a great jogging partner.

How to adopt: Call SNIPSA at 210-237-9400; send an email to, or visit www.snipsa .org, click on “adoptable pets” and download an adoption application.

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