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Growing up, Arica Dorff wanted nothing more than to play with animals for a living.

Today, she gets to spend the day with all the animals she wants at Pet’ographique, her animal photography studio at 2525 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway.

Since 2006, Dorff has photographed animals from dogs and cats to guinea pigs and rats.

Once, she even welcomed monkeys, otters, a porcupine and a toucan from Roos-N-More Zoo in Moapa.

“It was great,” Dorff said. “The monkey and the otter were friends, so we got some great photos of them.”

As much fun as it has been capturing four-legged friends, either solo or with their human family members, Dorff’s most rewarding pictures have been of the animals she has helped get adopted.

This practice became part of Dorff’s business when she opened in 2006.

It started after she visited a Weimaraner rescue group . The group’s photos of the W eimaraner , a silver dog with blue eyes, didn’t portray the dog she remembered seeing.

“In the picture they emailed me, the dog’s color was different and it didn’t capture his personality,” Dorff remembered .

Dorff said she would take some new photos to help with the dog’s adoption.

“If it worked, it worked, and if it didn’t, it was worth a shot,” Dorff said.

Not only did the new photos help, her photographs were discovered by other curious rescue groups and animal shelters .

“It just kind of snowballed from that,” Dorff said.

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