Beautiful Sadie Cat Needs to Catch a Break and a Home – Woodinville, WA Patch

From Homeward Pet Adoption Center, Woodinville, WA:

Sadie has two knocks against her. First, she is living in a shelter and second, she has tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). FIV is usually manageable and many FIV cats are non-symptomatic. A positive test for FIV is not a mandatory death sentence; in fact many cats live perfectly normal lives. Homeward Pet Adoption Center, where Sadie currently lives, suggests a good quality diet and regular wellness check-ups with a vet, which is what Homeward suggests with any cat.

It is possible that this virus can be transferred to other cats through blood to blood contact so Sadie should go to a home where she is the only feline. That arrangement would be fine for this beautiful calico as she would prefer to be the only diva in the house. You will not meet a more affectionate gal than this two-year-old. Sadie could sit for hours in your lap and she will never tire of your petting. She is a favorite of Homeward Pet volunteers.

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