Animal shelter adoption bill clawed  – NY Daily News

The debate over a bill designed to regulate adoptions at animal shelters has devolved into a dogfight.

Over the past week, Assemblywoman Amy Paulin and the ASPCA were name-checked in thousands of Facebook comments, emails, tweets and posts by animal rescuers opposed to her bill.

Supporters say the bill promotes better care of homeless, lost and unwanted animals that end up in shelters.

But opponents say it will prevent scores of pets from being adopted, and make it easier for shelters to euthanize sick or traumatized animals.

“What’s upsetting me is that no one is reading the bill,” said Paulin (D-Westchester). “The bill requires shelters to seek out owners in a way they have never had to seek out owners before.”

Lots more here: Animal shelter adoption bill clawed  – NY Daily News.

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8 years ago

While Paulin’s claim may be true, animals who have no caregivers (or “owners” as she refers to them), such as feral, homeless, and/or abandoned cats, will not receive this extra attention, but will more than likely receive even less time between being captured and forfeiting their lives. This MUST NOT be allowed to happen. In the past few decades, the animal advocacy community has made tremendous progress in bringing down the tragic and senseless numbers who lose their lives; we are continuing in our goal of NO healthy cats losing their lives and EVERY cat finding either a loving, forever… Read more »