Prince William SPCA van to pick up pet food donations – InsideNova

The shelves at the pet food pantry are often bare at this time of year, so the Pet Adoption on Wheels, or P.A.W. Express, van will be driving across the county on Saturday to pick up pet food donations.

The Prince William Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recently purchased the van with a $154,565 Petco Foundation grant. The organization will use the van to pick up the donations at area Petco stores in Dale City, Woodbridge and Manassas, said Prince William SPCA president Melissa Korzuch.

The PWSPCA founded the food pantry in 2009. Since then, hundreds of family pets have benefitted from the free food their owners got at Manassas City Animal Adoption Center at 10039 Dean Drive.

The pantry serves as a short-term solution to help families feed their pets when “times are tough,” stated a PWSPCA press release.

Korzuch said the van, which will eventually travel across the county helping to get animals adopted, will only be picking up food this weekend.

The PWSPCA is waiting for the completion of some paperwork, administrative tasks and training before it will begin the adoption process, Korzuch said.

“We’re kind of the middleman between the shelter and Petco, so while we’re waiting for that happen, we want to get the van out into the community so people know what it is and look for it in the next month or so,” Korzuch said.

The goal will be to fill the 26-foot van with food, Korzuch said.

“What we’ll do is open all the cages and put all the pet food in there.”

The ultimate goal will be to take the van into the community at least once a month to find owners for the animals.

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