Adopting a pet a form-filling experience –

Grooming, training, exercise, past pets, visiting children – the application to adopt a dog from the Meriden Humane Society leaves little out.

An animal shelter in Southington, Best Friends for Life Animal Rescue, also has a multi-page form and requires home visits and references from veterinarians.

Shelter workers say the screening is necessary to keep dogs from ending up back in a shelter or on the streets.

“I want to give you an animal that’s going to fit right into your home with no problems,” said Humane Society director Marlena DiBianco. “We want to make sure it’s the right person for the right animal.”

Others balk at the stringent requirements for adopting a pet. Scott Conover, manager of One Stop Pet Shop in Wallingford, said he has customers who were denied adoption at a shelter because they had children or because they never owned a pet.

More here: Adopting a pet a form-filling experience – Local News For Meriden, Wallingford, Southington, And Cheshire, CT..

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8 years ago

Couldn’t care less about, and would never even think about having a dog; but what about CATS, the nation’s and world’s most beloved companions? More mainstream media bias above, I see. Time to change that!