There’s a Cat App for That: New Cat iPad App Available – Petside

That’s right, iPads are no longer restricted to human use! Now even techno-cats will have the chance to partake in the latest technological advances.

A new app for the iPad for cats called “Affection Collection”, designed and developed by Bond University (located in Gold Coast, Australia) student Saxon Cameron for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), consists of three cat friendly games to keep any technologically forward feline occupied for hours.

This is not the first time cats have been using iPads, however, as YouTube videos show cats from around the world fascinated by apps on the tablet–not unlike their human friends.

“Affection Collection” designers say the three games will promote intellectual enrichment for cats in order to highlight their intelligence. In Kitty Raid, cats have to protect cheese from mouse invaders; in Roller Kitty, cats keep busy playing with a virtual ball of yarn; and in Kitty Chef, cats have the chance to become their own virtual chefs.

Originally posted here: There’s a Cat App for That: New Cat iPad App Available | Petside.