Will You Bring Home Ebony Cat? – Stoneham, MA Patch

From Lots of Love Cat Rescue, Stoneham, MA:

Ebony is one exquisite-looking cat with silky black fur and is part Siamese with the body and voice to prove it. She is a super sweet young girl, outgoing and about eight to nine months old.

On a cold wintry day, a dog walker, just finishing her rounds, noticed a very thin cat jumping out of a garbage can at a convenience store. She asked around and learned that the cat had been hanging around the area for awhile.

Ebony, being so incredibly friendly, allowed us to scoop her up and never tried to run as she was carried away to safety. She was obviously starving but has been eating up a storm since arriving and is now about five pounds.

Ebony was very grateful to be rescued. The very night she came to her foster home she was placed into a cat condo and devoured a big meal. Soon after, she was purring, meowing and playing with cat toys. If you opened the gate door, she would try to crawl into your arms and show you just how affectionate she can be.

We have slowly introduced her to other cats and dogs and so far she has acted hissy. We believe she has never lived with either. However, she is still young, so there is a good chance this will change with work and time, in the right home with the right pets.

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