Potential Pet Owners Seek Their “Soulmutts”

Speed dating, with a twist!

For all you animal lovers, C.A.R.E. Animal Rescue hosted its first ever “Find Your Soulmutt” event at WineStyles (2640 S. Glenstone) Saturday.

This was a 20th anniversary celebration for C.A.R.E., with a pet adoption event modeled after speed dating.

The Valentine’s Day-themed event held free wine and cheese tasting and entertainment.

A C.A.R.E. volunteer held the animals as potential puppy adopters would walk around and meet the furry fellows.

“We figured that if speed dating worked for people, why wouldn’t it work for dogs, too,” says volunteer Susan Venker. “Because getting an animal is, they’re a lifetime companion for people, so it’s very similar to finding your soul mate, so we’re helping people find their soul-mutt this evening.”

Ten percent of the sales went to C.A.R.E.

More information: http://www.carerescue.org

Originally posted here: Potential Pet Owners Seek Their “Soulmutts”.