Valentine’s Day deal offered at Solano County Animal Shelter – The Reporter

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, residents are being asked to perform the ultimate act of love by giving a home to one of the hundreds of pets that have poured into Solano County shelters and are waiting to be adopted.

To help make that task even easier, the Solano County Animal Shelter is taking half off all of its pet adoption fees from Feb. 7 to 14, said manager Ron Whitefield, who has spent the last 8 1/2 years working at the shelter.

While the normal adoption fee for dogs is $95 and around $40 to add a new friendly feline to your family, community members will have the opportunity to find the perfect pet for them at a fraction of the cost, Whitefield said. Adoption fees also include spaying or neutering the animal, as well as all vaccinations and microchipping.

“That’s a lot for the money, it really is,” Whitefield said.

The “Won’t You Be My Valentine” adoption event is just one of many events the shelter has put on to try to increase adoption numbers, including a December deal that paired senior cats and dogs to senior citizens for free.

“We try to do as much as possible to try to get as many cats and dogs back into the community,” he said.

Because of limited space, staff members are working to find good homes for the approximately 150 dogs and 150 cats being housed at the shelter.

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