Eight celebs, countless animal charities – USATODAY.com

From actors to athletes, here’s a photo gallery full of celebrities who love their pets.

Some of these celebs go beyond loving their pets to making animals a priority. Here are some who are actively involved in animal charities.

She played 101 Dalmatians’ Cruella De Vil with convincing dog-hatred, but Glenn Close couldn’t be more different from her villain counterpart. She cherishes the dogs in her life and believes that all dogs are an integral part of our world. “I believe that dogs teach us kindness, loyalty, responsibility and unconditional love,” Close said on ‘Lively Licks,’ a blog she created. ‘Lively Licks’ gives Close the opportunity to interview celebs who treasure their pets. Close also has worked with and supported many animal-related charities, including Puppies Behind Bars which provides inmates the opportunity to train and raise puppies to become service dogs, guide dogs and law enforcement dogs.

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