Rescued pit bulls up for adoption – Connecticut

Thirteen dogs that were removed from an Old Saybrook home earlier this week are now up for adoption.

In total, nine puppies, two “teenager” dogs, the mother and the father were rescued from the home on Ford Drive. All of the dogs are pit bull mixes.

Well over 100 people visited the animal shelter Sunday, making it the largest pet adoption day ever in Old Saybrook.

“I think they’re all beautiful,” said Tiffany DeGreco, of East Hartford, “they all have their own personalities. I mean I haven’t been here that long, but they’re all very cute.”

“I was really upset,” said Ashley Bongiomi, of Deep River. “I’m a really big animal person and I wish I could take all of them. And today we saw the adoption signs so we turned around and came in.”

The dogs are recovering very well thanks to quality love and care.

“We’ve had overwhelming support from the residents of not only Old Saybrook, but surrounding communities,” said Police Chief Michael Spera. “Bringing supplies which we desperately need and coming to adopt the animals.”

The Old Saybrook Police run the animal shelter and it’s a very in-depth adoption procedure, including an in-home visit. The process takes approximately 10 to 14 days.

It will be another eight to nine weeks before the youngest puppies are old enough to be adopted.

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