Successful pet adoptions hinge on good training – Cleburne Times-Review

A successful pet adoption largely depends on the behavior of the dog once it is in its new home.  For that reason, the Burleson Animal Shelter is joining with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers to promote January as Train Your Dog Month.  January is Train Your Dog Month because so many dogs and puppies are adopted or purchased from breeders and brought home during the winter holidays.

The goal is to promote using training methods that are kind, gentle and have an emphasis on building a relationship with your dog.  In 2011, the Burleson Animal Shelter adopted out 415 dogs. Of that number, 66 were returned.  The most prevalent reasons were unrealistic expectations, the owner was moving, behavior issues, the dog was too active, family was allergic to the pet and the dog was destructive outside.

Train Your Dog Month focuses on promoting the importance of training and socialization to provide a safe, happy and positive relationship with canines.

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