Adopting a Pet Can Change More than One Life

It’s hard not to change the channel when Sarah McLaughlin sings “In the Arms of an Angel” as heartbreaking pictures cascade across your TV of animals that can’t fend for themselves. That sadness passes, though, and many return to their lives without ever thinking “I can change that.” It seems that the idea of changing such large issues like animal cruelty awareness and increased support of pet adoption shelters can’t happen with one person, but could you find me the quote that says one person can’t make a difference? Whether on a small scale or a large scale, the steps a person can take in helping domesticated animals is going to make a difference to that animal or the local shelter, possibly even that elderly couple that is having trouble feeding their cat. Or maybe the family that has lost their puppy after a hurricane and someone found her and brought her to a local shelter in hopes her owner would soon find her again.

All too often humane societies and animal shelters have more animals than they can efficiently take care of and provide for. Do they stop taking animals? In most cases, no, they scrimp and save to do the best that they can to help these homeless animals, keeping arms open for needy pets. They rely so much on donations and volunteers in order to keep these potential pets from meeting an unfortunate fate. With seemingly more pet shops with cute purebred puppies than animal shelters helping abandoned and mistreated animals, so many loving families overlook adopting a cute little “fella” yearning for some loving arms and a permanent home.

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