Miss Benny, feline celebrity, finds permanent home – The Issaquah Press

No one seems to fully know how the large-sized feline that spent almost two years at the Issaquah Petco ended up with the name “Miss Benny.”

Still, if her origins are a bit obscure, the 8-year-old cat’s celebrity isn’t.

A volunteer for the Purrfect Pals shelter inside Petco on Northwest Gilman Boulevard, Claire Wilkinson said the large cat arrived at the shelter with the name “Benny.”

“The ‘Miss’ part was demanded by the cat herself,” said Wilkinson, who more than once referred to the feline as a bit of a diva.

“She was our queen bee,” Wilkinson added. “From day one, she made it clear that she did not like other animals and that she needed to be the center of your universe.”

Miss Benny apparently was not very happy with the Purrfect Pals shelter when she first arrived. The shelter space was near the store’s dog grooming area, which Miss Benny did not appreciate.

“She would just swat and hiss,” Wilkinson said. “She also made it clear there were certain times you could pet and hold her and other times you couldn’t.”

Eventually, apparently not long after Miss Benny’s arrival, the local Petco rearranged its store, moving the Purrfect Pals area to a quieter part of the store and allowing the organization to expand its operation.

Founded in Brier in 1988, Purrfect Pals is a cat adoption agency with numerous adoption centers, such as the Issaquah Petco. The group’s new space inside Petco formerly housed large birds, but Purrfect Pals volunteers cleaned it and even repurposed old birdcages as cat cubbies. Miss Benny was allowed to be a “free-range kitty” in the shelter area.

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