Please take me home – Berks-Mont News

Their eyes follow each person that walks by their cage. Through barks, meows and whimpers, they call out, “Take me home!” All have hope that someone notices their sad eyes, their beautiful coats and wonderful personalities. They want their visitors to know that it wasn’t their fault that they ended up in a shelter. Some were lost, some abandoned and some taken from their owners because of neglect, but all they want now is a place to call home and someone to share the rest of their life.

Since 1909, the Montgomery County SPCA has served its residents with adoption of lost, abandoned and forfeited animals. From cats and dogs to miscellaneous farm animals, livestock and equines, the Montgomery County SPCA works tirelessly to find homes for these animals. The shelter has grown dramatically since its founding. They now have two full time veterinarians on staff and three facilities.

The main facility at 19 E. Ridge Pike, Conshohocken, has undergone several renovations and is now be able to house 100-150 cats and dogs in two kennels as well as maintaining a small animal room and clinic. The Perkiomenville branch at 1509 Sweifford Road, Perkiomenville, opened in 1989. The Perkiomenville branch only has one kennel and a small animal room. They house 18-120 cats and dogs as well as maintaining a barn for 10-20 horses and other livestock. Ten years later, a third facility in Abington, opened its doors at 1006 Edge Hill Road in Roslyn. They have two small kennel sections and a small animal room for 20-30 cats and dogs. All three facilities respond to emergencies 24/7.

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