Volunteering For Those With No Voice – Tucker, GA Patch

For six years Lorraine Munigan has been coming to LifeLine Animal Project to help take care of cats who are not hers.

Every Thursday you can find her in the organization’s Kitty Motel sweeping, vacuuming and talking to the rescued cats who call the cage-free area home.

“The cats are so sweet,” she says, deftly moving between dozens of felines, who, depending on their mood are either trying to engage her in a game, watching a safe distance from the vacuum cleaner or snoozing away, completely comfortable with her presence.

“I love it,” says Munigan, “It’s a lot of work but when I’m done I feel so good!”

Munigan’s words echo a common refrain heard from those who give time to help out homeless pets, be it lending a hand at a shelter, clinic or adoption event, walking rescued dogs who need exercise or by using social media to educate the public and spotlight animals who need homes.

Feeling good seems to follow doing good when volunteering

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